Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obessions currently distracting me...

I am extremely distracked by my obessions. We all know that I love my little Robby. He is just getting into everything now! He is starting to walk a bit, but of course he wants to go backwards first.
I am also obessed with the new Apps for Nook Color. I thought I was happy with my 3G Nook and wouldn't need anything more but I really want a Nook Color. Like seriously bad. I am going to try to sell my 3G for $100. It is only about a month old. The arrow key broke on my orginial Nook and Barnes and Noble replaced it.
My third obession is the BH&G Quilting with PreCuts Magazine. I really want to make the brick quilt on the front cover. I have about half of the bricks cut. I need more fat quarters to complete it. Right now most of the colors are shades of pink, so I need to add some blues and greens.

I also like the purple, red and green thrown in the bottom corner. I got into a sewing kick when I made my purse during spring break. I really love it!
What are your obessions right now?

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Kimberly said...

I just love the photo of your little guy. I can so relate, my son just turned two and he's my favorite distraction!