Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please excuse the oddness of this post....

I just saw an episode of The Will on Discovery Investigations. Hey, usually it is a forensic show. No not the speech type, the police type. Lol. It had a really cool segment about wreath balls. I want to be a wreath ball when I am done with my body. Have a nice party on a charter boat and throw me over the side. I think that would be a good use. I don't think I want to be buried at Ft. Sam; it has unhappy memories. (though I could be buried with Bobby). I want people to enjoy my funeral, so I think a party at sea is the way to go. Gerry wants to be cremated and sprinkled in a bass lake. Just thinking about odd things. Lol

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night

Tonight Gerry, Tim & I went out for Mexican food. We go to a place down the road called Las Palapas. They are my favorite! They have the best salsa. I had enchiladas with chili con carne. Yum.
The weather is cold and rainy here. We should get up in the sixties next week. We should have cold until February and warm up in March. Winter doesn't stay here long.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Eating Cupcakes

A good friend (Debbie N.) made me cupcakes and brought them for me today. My birthday is on Monday. I will be 42. sigh... yeah, I am getting old.
On another front, my dang iPhone won't charge. I am getting a bit upset with it. It won't go past 10% battery. Does anyone know what that means? Is it dying???
Next week my oldest goes back to college. She is taking classes on three evenings and Saturday. I will be watching the Robby boy while she is at school. We might have to call in reinforcements to help her study. She is taking 2 tough science courses.
Holly is living at home and has college on Mondays and Wednesdays. She isn't sure what her major will be. She changed to English but I tried to explain that English majors have a hard time getting a job. It might be going back to science. We will see. She has also decided on a Vegatarian lifestyle. Considering most in our family considers themselves carnivores, this may be difficult. I made potato soup and we had to add bacon pieces. Or mac & cheese isn't good without the hot dogs (according to my family!)
Thanks to all for the comments on my sad note. I feel very cheered up now! I just get blue once in awhile. Too much input and I get overloaded. I am going to need lots of prayers this spring. Things are happening that I really can't comment in a public forum about and we will need prayers of support and love. Especially in the beginning of March. And that is all I will say on that subject...
My puppy Daisy is losing more hair. She is just pulling it out. I will be taking her to the vet on the 22nd for another evaluation. My children swear she is crazy and needs prozac.
I have decided that I am going to test for my English as Second Language certificate. I am going to the study session on 2/5 to see how hard the test will be for me. I don't think that it will be too bad because the requirements for ESL ard so high. I have taken several classes for the subject.
My word for 2011 is wisdom. I am working on not saying things I shouldn't. I have been very quiet on my daughter's food lifestyle and I haven't said anything mean about it. I just tell her that I don't understand it. I believe that God made certain animals for us to eat and growing up in KY on a farm gave me plenty of time to stare cows and pigs in the face. I am trying to keep quiet when my children choose things that I don't understand. Because they are going to choose a lot of things that I just don't understand in their lives.
I have lost 4lbs from my pre-Christmas weight. I know that I gained a ton of weight during Christmas. I didn't even bother to see how much more that I gained. I was 158 at the beginning of December and now I am 154. My goal is 135. Looking at me, no one believes that I weigh that much. But I am tall and the weight doesn't show as much. I really appreciate it when everyone tells me that I don't look that heavy.
Have a great 3 day weekend! MLK Day on Monday. San Antonio has the largest MLK march in the country.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ESL training

I went to training about ESL and discovered that I am going to have to complete training every year because of new federal laws. The training was already things that I do because I teach English to students who have language deficits even if they only speak one language.
But if i get my ESL certification I won't have to take a class each year. Oh, and the school district will reimburse me the cost of the test and the certification fee. I think I am going to add yet another certificate to my list. I am already certified in Elementary, special ed and secondary English.
One more won't hurt.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A bit down but trying to get back up

I have almost always had baggage with my birthday. I think it started when I was 12. On my 12th birthday, my aunt killed herself. The next day would have been her birthday. He husband had died the year before and I always figured she couldn't live on her own. Which is I guess a bit of irony since I did perfectly well with twice the children. But maybe the real reason was growing old. Those crinkles at the edge of my eyes are getting more noticeable. I am not so sure about this whole thing.
Getting old is not fun. I am not enjoying myself. I don't like all the aches and pains that accompany my increase in age. I don't like the problems with my hormones or lack thereof.
I am thinking of refusing to grow old. How about celebrating the anniversary of my 40th birthday? It could be the second anniversary of my 40th. I can call it new math. My students think I am old at 40 - so, just stopping there would be fine. There would be the slight problem of being younger than my little brother. But no one ever guesses my real age anyways....

Sunday, January 09, 2011

January 8

Somedays will just live in your mind.
January 8 has become one of those days. The days that you will remember forever. Like 9/11/2001. One of the victims in the shooting was actually born on 9/11/01. She was nine years old. She was born during a tragedy and died in a tragedy. Everyone says that she was an incredible child whose life impacted so many. I am so sad for her family. And for everyone who lost their lives in a senseless shooting by a madman. Our society must make changes so that things like this won't happen again. Calm down the retoric between the political parties. This isn't what America is....