Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last of the Weekend.

I am very excited about this weekend. Yesterday, I submitted a review for Marissa's Sizzling Hot Book Reviews and it was posted today. It is my first review at the site since my acceptance. I am really excited to be part of this very talented group of ladies. It is so cool to see something that I have written in print. I will let you know when my next review posts!
This is a four day week for school. It is also the last week of the six weeks. I won't have any last minute grading this week because our grades are due on Thursday at 10:30am. So far I have two students failing which is a bit surprising. I never have students failing.
Not only this week a short week, the following week will be a short week also. This Friday is Battle of the Flowers Holiday and next week is Good Friday. Gerry will be going fishing this 3 day weekend at Amistad. He is very glad that there was not a government shutdown because it would close the lake and ruin the fishing trip. I would like to go with him because he will be staying at the temporary living quarters. They are extremely nice! Much better than the hotels that he is known to frequent. I would enjoy a nice weekend away.
Have an incredible week!!

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