Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another scrapbook class...

I am taking another of Shimelle's scrapbooking classes. I just love her on-line classes. Today's prompt (2nd day) is about numbers and letters.  I am still composing my ABCs but I jotted down some numbers that I am looking at right now:
250 - tissues with aloe that I am blowing my nose with
158 - my weight today
105 - how many books I have read this year
77 - students I have in my classes
37 - pages left in my book to read
10 - the size that is getting a bit tight!
6 - peanut butter cracker to tide me until 6th lunch!
3 - children
1 - grandchild who gave me the sniffles
1 - awesome husband who I adore!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Almost Friday

This week has felt like a week and a half. Monday started out with a training which really wasn't designed for high school teachers. It was research- based but somewhat flawed due to the fact it was based on Bloom's Taxonmy which isn't research based. I know that I think too much. ::sigh::
I am looking forward to watching the boy play football tomorrow. His school is playing my school. My loyalty is divided a bit.
I taught some adjectives for the short time I had my kids in class. We decorated some cards and described ourselves. We are going to display them in those clear over the door shoe organizer. My kids just live art projects that I sneak grammar in.
It is supposed to be the coldest evening of the season with a low of 47. My quilt top is half done. Maybe I will finish it before it gets to cold.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


What did you do on 10-10-10?
We bought a new mattress set. We had thought we were going to get a king size but then decided not to spend that much. We would have to get new bed linens and quilts. I am still going to need a few new linens but not too many.
I watched a bit of Tony Danza as an English teacher. I know I am much better than he is as an English teacher in a rough school. He really would cry in my class. Heck, sometimes I cry because of my 8th. Just sayin....
My goal is to finish my quilt before November. I am going to attempt the circle quilt with reproduction 1930's flour sack prints. I already have one quilt made of the retro prints but puppy chewed a bit of a hole in it.
Speaking of puppy: Daisy had a good report from the vet. She is a tad heavier than the doc would like but ok. She isn't as heavy as my in-laws Annie though! That poor dog weighs more than Daisy and Daisy is about 2 inches taller and 3 inches longer. No tarter on her teeth! The one thing I am excited about is the new 6 month heart worm shot. Much more convient than the monthly pill. I always forget it.
Gerry took me out to Salslito's for dinner. I had the Steak Ranchero with borraco (sp?) beans and rice. And a huge margarita. Gerry was my designated driver and I stopped at one!
I got my bedside table cleaned today. Now only 12 pieces of furniture left before my room is ready for the new bed. I have to go through a lot of clothes. I have to give up the dream of being a size 8. It just isn't happening! Size 10 isn't so bad!!
Have a beautiful week!!