Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Almost the Last Day of School

well, two more 1/2 days with students. My last day of work for this school year is Friday. On Monday, I am working the Jay Graduation and O'Connor on Tuesday. What can I say? I love graduations... or I'm a sucker for volunteering.
My car wouldn't start this morning. We are going to go buy me a new battery for it. I had to drive Gerry's pickup today.  He doesn't have working air conditioning in his truck.
I was hot so I decided to cut my hair. I got out of the truck and my purse broke. Luckily, I bought it at Kohl's and they took it back. I bought a smaller purse and some sandals with my refund & Kohl's cash from the weekend. I still have some $$ left and I am thinking I will buy another pair of capris in my larger size. I am not telling you the number but it is double digits....
My classes are a bit sad right now. They are all missing me already. I love the connection I have with these kids. They are so sweet. I do love my job.