Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby is 5 days old

My grandson Robby G is 5 days old today. Last night we had a good sleep. I still feel groggy though. This week Gerry and I are alternating days off. I took of Monday and Wednesday and Gerry is off on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is a school holiday, so we are all off on Friday for Good Friday. Kandra, Kelsey's best friend, will arrive on Friday and stay for 2 weeks. Thursday the baby is going for an appointment and Momma goes on Friday.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby is here!

My grandson made his appearance on March 25 at 10:24. Kelsey had start to develop toxemia so the doctor sent us from her office to the hospital. She was induced starting Wednesday evening. She surprised everyone by progressing quickly. The doctor didn't expect little Robby to be here until today. She is still in labor and delivery until her blood pressure drops. The cure for toxemia is having the baby but somtimes it gets worse before it gets better. She is getting magnessium in her IV to prevent seizures. Right now she has me, the mean gramma, keeping her resting and not playing with baby. We have to get the blood pressure down!!! Resting she is still looking at 166 over 90. Please says some prayers for her, I am scared.
He is a blessing. We are so thrilled to have him in our lives. Though I keep getting all the poopy diapers to change.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Week In My Life

April 19 - 25 is Ali Edwards' Week In My Life. It is a week that you document your life and how it is different. I am not sure if I am going to do a separate album for it since I am also doing Becky Higgin's Project Life. I wasn't able to order her Project Life kit on Amazon. It is currently unavailable but it being printed. I did order some of the divided 12 x 12 album pages and just use an American Crafts Album. I have several at home. This way I can use papers that I like a little more than her kit papers.
Spring Break is next week. Yeah!
We have blood tests this week and she had a test for Hep B. At the appointment on Wednesday (which I didn't get to go to because of jury duty) the doctor was surprised at how much the baby had dropped. She was checked and her cervix is softening and effacing. She is barely starting to dilate. I would like Robby to make his appearance over Spring Break... ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dream Board 2

Dream Board 2
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This is the second version. I covered up the palm tree and add a baby. lol. This represents things are important to me.

Dream Board

Dream Board
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My students and I have been working on Dream Boards. We started last Thursday and have them almost done. I keep changing mine but hear is a photo of my first draft.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Jury Duty

Jury duty is one of the tasks of a responsible citzen. We all need to do it. But it is so boring. I am down at the courthouse today doing my civic duty. I have a sub for my classes. I bet they miss me! Tomorrow when I get back, I have to spend half the day in training. That is going to be more boring than this.
Next week is Spring Break. Holly is getting her wisdom teeth removed. Kelsey will start weekly doctor appointments next week also. She is 35 weeks now. Soon we will have a new baby in our house. I need to make some emergancy sub plans for the exciting event. We should have our workbooks by then and I won't need to make the countless copies. I have loved the new books and now having consumable workbooks is going to be great. The next story is about Magic Johnson, how cool is that?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sad news

I heard so disturbing news yesterday and I am still trying to process it. Gerry heard that one of his former students had killed himself. Gerry had him in class for 2 years, in Pre-Ap Chemistry and AP Chemistry 2. Adam was the same age as Kelsey. They went to high school and middle school together and even played soccer against each other when they were 4. I just can’t understand what could be so horrible that a young man would kill himself. He was so smart! He was very happy go lucky. I just can’t imagine someone that young making such horrible choice. One friend of mine said that her son saw a movie with him on Friday and thought everything was normal and fine. This must have been something well thought out, right? I am at a loss on how to work through this in my brain. My daughter is pregnant and unmarried but she at least felt the support enough to come to us, tell us and let us help her. Was there no one that he could talk with? Was the pressure too much? What are we doing to our children if this is happening? Gerry and I have both lost students before in car accidents and such, but never has one taken his own life. How despondent does one become before the decision is made?

365 Project

Wow, another month of keeping up with my photo a day. I haven't been as good with my journal and I need to get back into that. Hopefully I can get myself to remember to journal. lol. But at least I am taking my photos! One out of two isn't bad.