Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hangin' with the Robmister

On Wednesdays Kelsey has Chemistry Lab, so I have Robby from 5:15 to about 8:30 or :45. We have fun snuggling or playing. He is enjoying drinking whole milk and eating big boy food. He has really changed this year. Last year at this time he was just a little blob and now he is interacting with the world. He is just such a cutie.
Tim went to the doctor today. He has a slight tear in the muscle behind the achilles tendon. Because he walks so much at school they put him in a high boot. The boot is huge! But I guess it has to be with a size 12 foot in it.
Robby was 19.9 lbs at his appointment. He falls in the 8% for weight. He is in the 50% for height. He isn't as big as his uncle was at this age but that isn't a bad thing.
One of the blogs I follow promoted some boiled chocolate oatmeal cookies. I just had to have some, so I'm making them.
Have fun!!

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