Friday, January 30, 2009

New Car for Kim

I have a new car. This isn't a picture of the exact car I have, but it looks just like this. It is going to be detail tomorrow, so I am taking its picture then.

I am very excited to have a new car. My Nissan Versa is very cute. All the kids have said it is the hero's car. It was featured in the first season of my children's favorite TV show. So, I think it may now be known as the hero car.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hitting 40

Well, I have been 40 for two days now. It doesn't feel too terribly different. I took Daisy for a walk and I think she was tired! Poor little Daisy!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Daisy is such a sweet puppy. I am a little too attached to her, but she is so sweet. Everyone thinks she is an ugly dog, but I just adore her. Right now, she has my afghan and is making a nest for herself. She is such a momma's girl. :)

Friday, January 09, 2009


I am trying to get my kids ready for our finals next week. Tuesday we have a full day, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are half days. On Wednesday I have 3rd period exam, Thursday is 2nd & 5th and Friday is 7th.
Daisy has puppy class tonight. We have missed the last two. We are way behind. Last week Lola was very sick with her ear infection and the time before was Holly's Christmas concert.
Gerry, Johnny, Holly and Tim are going to the Monster Truck Jam on Sunday.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to school

There are 99 days left of the school year. Yes, we are all counting.
It seems that I will not be getting a new portable. The old portable will stay on campus until it is bought by someone. Unfortunately, I don't have a classroom. I currently float into 3 different classrooms. In 1st period I am in Portable 16, 2nd period I am in portable 9 and 3rd period in portable 30. I am getting 13,000+ steps a day on my pedometer. It was very miserable today with drizzle and a high of 42. I am so thrilled with my schedule.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Last Day of my Vacation

Today is the last day of our holiday. We go back to work tomorrow. I don't know where my classrooms will be. I was told that they were going to try and move in a new portable for me over the break. I haven't gone up to see if they even moved the old one out. I would really like to have my own room again. It is going to be really cold and rainy tomorrow.
Lola is starting to feel a little better. She has a very bad outer ear infection. We have been on meds since Friday. I have to cleanse her ear a couple of times a day. She is still swollen.
Daisy is being a sweetie. She likes to sit on my feet when I sit in my recliner. She loves my afghan and thinks it is hers.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Virgin Health Miles

We have this program through our health insurance that we get membership to Spectrum Health Club and participate in Virgin Health Miles. We have a pedometer that we wear and earn points for steps and health challenges and stuff. There are 5 levels, and you get health cash that you reedem for gift cards. This year I made it to level 5. I almost didn't make it! I was 730 points short, then there were opportunities to earn points for agreeing to be smoke free and creating your own challenge. Each was worth 500 points. So, I got to level 5 and earned $100!! Last year, I bought my new range with gift cards. I am giving this gift card to Gerry for him to buy his own laptop. We got a really good deal on Kelsey & my computers and will be able to get him one shortly.
Gerry and I both want to get to level 5 this year. :)