Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Curly Gurly

Kelsey has been hanging around me a lot lately. I wonder how much of it is a reaction to the local news of the Runaway Mom. Kelsey doesn't have to worry that I will take off but I think she may be concerned about losing me. Or she just wants to stay on my good side because I am working on her banquet dress.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How far away is Friday?

E I really am looking forward to the weekend. As the year draws to a close, I can't wait for it to be over. It isn't like I hate my job or anything, I am just ready for a break. That is the cool thing about being a school teacher, getting all the holidays off. April 28 is Prom, and my Interact Club's Banquet is May 10. The important parts of the school year are almost here. The end of the month is the big TEST days.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

More on the Runaway Mom...

The story keeps getting weirder. Naomi was found in a homeless shelter in New Jersey. I can't understand why you go to New Jersey, but that is the place of choice for runaway moms from Texas. Stories are circulating about a family member being notified that she was alright but not notifying the police; being wanted for questioning by Windcrest Police (where her employer is located); and having to subpoena phone records to find where she is. Ok, after reporting your wife missing--do you really refuse to give cell phone records to the police? Do you want her found or do you already know where she is? I had seen the daughter and husband at the Tigermart by school & I was troubled by the fact that neither of them seemed visibly upset. I would be very visibly upset if my husband was missing.
A larger part of me is very disturbed that the public was lied to. I understand from news reports that her sister is pissed off. In a statement she called her sister very, very selfish. I agree with that assessment. Selfish is a very good word for it. Seems she is a criminal and just wanted to escape from her life.
I have had shitty days, but I have never walked away from my car, my family, my job or my life as a way to handle things. I just don't understand...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Good News

Source: Missing UTSA Student Found Alive
Great news! My friend has been found. She left on her own. I can't understand how she could leave, but she is back. Where was she and why she left are still unclear, but I am glad to know that she is back and alive.
I have really thought she was dead. I didn't think that it would end this happily. I know that there will be challenges as they deal with this. It may cause an end to their marriage, but at least she will be alive. I wonder how it will affect the children. I would think they would be very angry with their mother. The trust that your mother will always be there would be very bent. I can't imagine...

Who is the one with the problem?

It is Friday! Yeah! I have to help Gerry with his research paper, but that shouldn't take me too very long. He has left everything to the last minute yet again. I don't know how he manages to do this everything. I don't know how he can believe that he isn't ADD. The boy has no concept of doing things on time. Not that I do though. But we all know that I have a serious case of ADHD. I am very free with telling the world that I was diagnosed in 1976 before it was cool. They had to really figure out something that would describe what I was. I was hell on wheels.
On to other matters, Tim is still sick. Hopefully he will be better by Monday. I am hoping to pick up some work for him today. I am still incredibly worried about the boy. I just hate to see him sick like this. He did gain 6 pounds in the last 6 weeks, so that is good.
I am a financial mess. We are totally broke until payday. I am borrowing some cash from mom, but geez, I wish I wasn't such a moron. It is really hard only getting paid once a month, but I should be used to it. I am a total goof.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I have got to relax...

I am overwhelmed today. I really don't want to be here. I am so nervous today. My pulse is going a thousand beats a minute. Okay, so that isn't really true, but it feels like it!!
Gerry is home with a sick boy. Tim is having fevers again. The doctor says that it is viral. I am concerned. He had the same thing about 6 weeks ago. How do you keep getting the same thing? The good news is that he gained 6 pounds. He was almost underweight at the end of January. We started not giving him his concerta on the weekends to hopefully increase his appetite. It seems to be working.
Today we are having an all day faculty meeting. That means that during my conference period I have to go watch a video on drug abuse. I think I may know a little about that. Seems all my students have at least tried some thing. I am just glad that Kelsey, Holly or Tim haven't done them. I hope that I am doing the right things to keep them safe and drug free.
I have way too many people depending on me. I am a special education case manager, and incredibly I do much more than just paperwork. I work with the different departments, teachers, counselors, and therapists to take care of 30 students. I am feeling overwhelmed.
One parent requested an ard, and after two attempts --> they haven't showed. I bust my butt getting things together, do the paperwork, get everyone to be there and it is a no show. I am just blown away! Why ask for a meeting if you aren't going to show up?
My son is in special education, and I have never been a no show to his ARD. If I can't make it, I reschedule. I am the one that requested testing in the first place because I thought something was wrong. The boy had a learning disablity. The ADHD also compounds things. I just know how important it is to be involved in your child's learning.
Naomi is still missing. Another woman who was kidnapped on February 13 was found a few weeks ago. I wonder if she will ever be found. I think she is dead. She wouldn't have run away from her family. It was too important for her to do that. She didn't leave willingly.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Missing Naomi

On February 19, an old friend went missing. Her daughter was in my daughter's girl scout troop (that I was the leader of). I was very close with all the girls, we had girl scouts for 3 years together. Now, the girls are all sophomores at the high school that I teach at. Our kids were in band and other classes since kindergarten.
She went missing from the downtown UTSA campus. It was a cold day, not many people were out. She disappeared between 2 and 6 that day. No one has seen her since. (More details
I can't imagine what could have happened, and I pray every night that she will be found alive. I can't imagine losing someone like that. The uncertainty of not knowing where or why would be worse than a death.
Selfishly I think how this has changed my life. I don't go anywhere without my husband after dark. If I do, I call several times during my outing to let him know where I am. There are still things that I do, but there are lots that I don't. I don't go to the gym by myself anymore. I don't go to Walmart by myself anymore. I don't think I live in a horribly crime ridden city, but now I don't know...