Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer starts!

Monday was Jay graduation and today was O'Connor's. I said goodbye to all my seniors.
I irritated my bulging disks and started the leg numbness again. I am going to my dr tomorrow to get a steroid series and some pain meds. I will be hurting for a few more days but the steroids will help quickly. Luckily, I only get this sore a couple of times a year and it gets better with medication. I am seriously frightened of surgery because my mother had such terrible results from her surgeries. I am also working on losing weight which will help with the back pain. I am close to my heaviest weight right now. I am tall so I carry the weight well but I am at 168 right now. I would love to get to 130 again but will settle for 140. So, my goal is to lose about 35-40 pounds.