Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Obsessions Revisited

I just wanted update my Obsessions today. I received a wonderful Mother's Day present from my husband yesterday. I got a wonderful color Nook. Wow, it is so much fun. I need to update it still so that I can use the Apps but I have added my pictures and my PDF books. I bought a copy of Eve by Iris Johanson, Quicksilver by Amanda Quick and preordered the new Sookie Stackhouse novel that will be released on Tuesday. Gerry and I are watching Robby G today until 5. Kelsey went out after her class today. Tonight we are going out. Next weekend we are going celebrate Tim's birthday. His birthday is on the 15th but he & Gerry are going to Lake Amistad. They have a fishing tournament.

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rockchickhelen said...

I haven't heard of a Nook before, but as you're talking about books I guess it must be. I've been watching the True Blood series and have been thinking about reading the books too, would you reccomend them? Are you a Twilight fan to? I love reading!