Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tim's Birthday Weekend

It was Tim's Birthday Weekend. He turned 15 on the 15th. Yesterday, he went to the Barnes and Noble for a book signing by Rick Riordan. He has a signed copy of The Red Pyramid. Today, we had a water balloon fight, wiffle ball game, and Wii Bowling to go along with his dinner choices and Birthday Cake. Holly's BF, Robert, was invited. Next weekend we get to meet his parents. I had his older brother in class a few years ago and brother swears I was his favorite teacher. I usually am, I get to be the fun one. When I was out in the portables we could get away with raising all kinds of heck. lol.
We are all watching the Survivor finale up in our bedroom. I am going for Sandra even though she has already won once. lol, the fun place to be. Then we get to switch over to the Celebrity Apprentice finale over on NBC. I am rooting for Sharon Osborne on that show.
Only 13 days of school to go. 2 weeks of full days followed by 3 half-days. I am going to miss these kids, this year has been a blast. I think this is the best year I have had in 12 years of teaching. I have some great kids. I adore them!!

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WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Happy Birthday to Tim, I can't believe he's 15 already! I remember him as just a preschooler, but I guess it was almost 11 years ago that I left the neighborhood.

I'm sure that your love of teaching is a huge benefit to your students.