Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Journey

Life is a walk. Each day we take steps. Our tomorrow is determined by the steps we take today. -Stormie Omartian

I know that my walk has been very convoluted. I started out on the road to college, and then found a detour in marrying my first husband Bobby. It was a wild ride there! In four years, I became mother of two and widow at 24. I got back on the college trail and became a teacher. The four years in college were interesting too. Not only did I find a second husband and another child, but a career that I really love. Now, as I look back on that walk, I see a lot of fun and happiness mixed in with the sadness. Gerry is an incredible husband, and I so blessed to have him in my life. He is the best husband in the world. He is awesome with the kids. He has a great relationship with all three of our children. He is so helpful with Robby.
Robby had his first round of shots yesterday. They made him very cranky. He had a rough night. His little legs just ached, I am sure. The doctor suggested that we start juice to help him with his constipation. We are going to introduce apple juice first. He will love it, I am sure. He loves to taste things other than his formula. He loves the taste of the Tylenol and gas drops. He just smacked his lips with the oral vaccine yesterday. The nurse hadn’t seen a baby enjoy it so much. He made us all laugh. He is in the 49% for his height and weight. He weighs 11lbs 6 oz. He has made all the milestones for a three month old, so I guess we are doing something right. He has great head control and a lot of upper body strength. I think he will be turning over early with the way he throws himself around. When holding him you really have to hold on tight. He will try to move if he doesn’t like the position. Lol, that boy has a mind of his own already.
Another boy who has a mind of his own is Tim. We are getting the paperwork all ready for Tim to play football next year. Yes, we are going to let him play football even though he broke his arm last year playing football. I am still hoping that he will switch to golf team, but I don’t think he will. We have to shave his head as soon as school ends. It is the only way that the football helmet will fit. Right now, he looks like a shaggy dog. I don’t think arguing with him about his hair is very important. In a few years he will bald and there won’t be any hair to worry about. So, I tend to let him grow it however he wants. It won’t be there long….
Holly’s graduation is June 10th at the Alamodome at 4:00 pm. We offered to save seats for Holly’s boyfriend’s parents. We will be there early because we are helping line the kids up. I really love seeing all the students I have taught dressed in their cap and gown. I feel like I have helped them on an important journey. Just got to love it!

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