Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Paper Journal

May 12, 2010
I had to create a new journal because I have misplaced my other journal. I am so upset that I can’t find it. So, anyway, it is a work in progress. The new journal is decorated with papers from the Fashionista line. I love the retro look to the papers.
I started my 34th book last night. I just started Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris. It is a Sookie Stackhouse novel. I am also looking forward to the third season of True Blood that starts in June. It is a series on HBO based on the books. It and Eureka are my favorite summer series. My goal is to read 144 books this year. I am not on track to make it. Though, I do read more in the summer than during the school year.
The baby had a rough day yesterday. He was very cranky and we just couldn’t get him happy. Gerry and I were very tired and went to bed at 9 pm. It is hard helping with the baby and working full time. We were just exhausted. Gerry also hit his head with a low hanging branch. His head was killing him last night.
I am about to earn my next level on Virgin Healthmiles. I am going to use them to buy a book reader. Borders just came out with one that is only $159. But it isn’t wifi capable. I think I am going with the Nook. I like the touch screen on it, the lending of the book and downloading free books while at the book store. That way I can sample books while I am there. I don’t like that I will need a light for reading at night, but it won’t be worse than a book. Gerry says that I turn the pages too loud and wake him up. But I feel my books are still quieter than his snoring. But I am just saying.
The journal prompt on Your Life Spelled Out was about leaving a legacy. I faced this early in life with my first husband’s death when I was 24. I knew that he loved me and that he died doing something he loved. He died saving two of his soldiers’ lives. I have talked with them in the years since and they have made the most of their lives. I am also very verbal with telling my family that I love them. When my mother died in 2001, it was very sudden. But I know that she knew that I loved her very much.

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