Monday, May 10, 2010

18 days until school is out

The school year is winding down quickly. There are only 18 days left of school not counting weekends. I am going to miss these kids; they are very sweet. I will really miss my juniors. They go to another teacher for senior English. I have decided to shake things up for next year and to have my unit on Goals in August. I am getting a smart board for my classroom and these clickers which will record student responses. I have a training on Thursday to learn how to use the software. I am looking forward to it. My goal is to adapt my goals unit to use the smart board.
Next Wednesday we are having our much delayed Grace Conference. I have been nominated as the MC of the event. I am very excited that we are going to be creating Dream Boards (aka Vision Boards or Treasure Maps) with the girls in the afternoon. I have been going through my magazines and getting pictures out for them. I have catagories such as: Transportation, Pets, Houses, Family, Colleges, and my personal favorite Pretty Pictures and Phrases. lol. It takes a lot of time to go through magazines and to give the girls the most time to play with creation of their boards. I love working with the girls on visualizing their future.
We went to Build-A-Bear on Saturday and built Robby's first bear. We made the "Champ Bear." They also had an autograph graduation dog that we bought for Holly. She loves to have autographs of her friends. Band banquet was Saturday. Holly and Robert went together. They also went to Prom in April. They are a cute couple. Another sign that this is a small town, Robert's older brother, Billy, was in my class. He was a sweet boy and of course claims that I was his favorite teacher. I swear I didn't pay him for that. ;) Holly is hosting a Graduation Party for a few of her friends. The theme is Star Wars and she is going to make snacks from her Star Wars Cookbook and watch the Star Wars Movies.
Kelsey has completed her college semester. We don't get to register for fall until the middle of June. Holly is going to be going to her orientation in June and they auto-enroll the freshman. She completes a form and they will register her for her classes. She will most likely live on campus. Today we have Tim's IEP meeting for transistion to high school. He will be going to O'Connor with Gerry. I have a half day sub today. Gerry is going to try to get someone to watch his last class so that he can attend also.


Sian said...

Am I allowed to admit that this is my least favourite time of year? I hate all the "endings" that go with it. It sounds like you might know what I mean :)

Ruth said...

I don't fully understand the American education system, but it all sounds pretty full on just now.