Sunday, May 02, 2010

Another funeral and a graduation

Going to another funeral tonight. This is the third of the year. I just hope this is the last for awhile. I find myself getting so sad right now. Funerals are difficult for me. It brings up lots of baggage that I usually have well controlled.
I really hate it when it is a young kid with everything before him. He was supposed to graduate next month with my daughter. He was an inexperienced driver who was on a very challenging road. He was just unlucky.
It makes me worry more about my girls and boy. I know we are very protective of the kids, probably more so than most. But I worry.
Holly is going to live on campus next year. I think it will be good for her. I am surprised that we can swing it, but with her grades we are going to be able to. She is going to a private Catholic school here in San Antonio. It is Incarnate World University. The dean of the Honor College would like her to be in the Honor's program. She is getting emails of recruitment. She wants to double major in Biology and Nursing. She was going Pre-Med until the health care bill. She may go on and become a nurse practioner eventually but she wants to be a nurse for awhile. My Great Aunt Frances would be proud that she is going to be a nurse. My aunt became a nurse during the Great Depression and for our small town in Kentucky that was quite an accomplishment. My aunt was my hero for most of my life, though I always knew my brother was her favorite. Lee was the fair haired boy. My son Tim reminds me of my little brother. Lee could do create anything, and so can Tim. Tim is very creative and inquiring.
Robby is growing strong. He is hitting the milestones quickly. He is almost 9 pounds. (though I think he is really closer to 10 by now). Kelsey has almost finished her semester. I think she has one more paper. We have to figure out what to take in the fall.
Say a prayer for Holly for the next couple of weeks. She starts her AP tests tomorrow. She is taking 5. He ISM project is also due soon. We need a few prayers for that too.
Have a beautiful week my friends!

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