Monday, June 07, 2010

Toxic Relationships - Just say NO!!

The prompt from Your Life Spelled Out. today is on Toxic Relationships. My husband and I  were in a toxic relationship with my first mother-in-law and finally had to tell her that we would not have a relationship. Her actions were causing terrible problems with our relationship with my daughters. My husband and I finally stopped the damage by breaking off the relationship. We, as my daughter has explained, divorced from our relationship with my daughters' grandmother. And this divorce has made me so much happier in my life. I am so much happier that everyone has complimented me on the changes in me. I have always been a happy person but now I am truely happy. I have lost weight, my complexion looks better. All of this is due to letting go of the baggage. It isn't healthy for a person to be in a toxic relationship; it really hurts your health.
It is very hard when there is someone trying to influence your children with ideas that don't agree with your personal values. It is very hard when they talk about you negatively to your children about you. I have been torn apart by words by a person that really doesn't have the same values that I have and I want my children to have.
I value education. Education is the only way for anyone to succeed in this world. My husband and I both have a master's degree and my husband is working on his second master's degree. I believe all of my children should go to college to be successful.
I value independence. A woman should not rely on a man for support. They may not always be there. A woman needs to be able to take care of herself first. When she can do that; she is better prepared for taking care of her family and her children.
I value postitive relationships. If a man is negative and demeaning to you; he doesn't really love you. Women have so much negativity focused at them - they don't need any extra. A man who supports you and encourages you is the type of man that you should marry. Men who don't like women should not be allowed in your life. They will try to tear you down because they are too insecure to be happy with and for you.

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