Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh FUN, not!

I spent four hours in the dentist's chair. We finished up my root canal and cut down my two teeth for the crown mounts. I have TMJ and it was very painful. They use bite blocks to hold open my jaw, but my muscles started cramping anyway. We had to take a few breaks. Now, I am trying to recover with some pain meds. My gums are also inflamed with all their poking. During the whole thing, I kept thinking that my tattoo was less painful. I had novicaine but it really wasn't very effective.
Enough complaining. I am going to relax for a bit. I am a little down because of some stuff going on but I don't know enough about it. I know just enough to be upset. I have tried to get a toxic person out of my life but she keeps worming her way back in. I wish that I could move very far away. I so tired of the drama. Why does she think she can hurt people and never be accountable for it? She lies, she betrays and she pits people against each other. Just for her amusement. I just have to protect myself and I will.
I think the pain is depressing my moods or maybe it is just everything from the weekend. Sigh. Maybe I will do some scrapbooking or reading to cheer myself up.

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