Friday, June 04, 2010

My last day of school

Today is the offical last day of school for me. I have to finish cleaning my classroom and packing up for the year. I have boxes packed and pushed in the corner. My desks need to be packed up and I need to commit to what I can part with (throw away! lol).
I got some good and bad news yesterday. I don't get to be in CMC/CR next year. :(  I have 6 classes of LC English next year. I really enjoyed having a light teaching load. The good thing is that I am teaching all of the LC English and I don't have to lose my students. I will be teaching all of them next year. My classes are getting much smaller because we are pushing all of the students into regular English, which is going to fail. Some of my students can't read well enough to survive in a regular English class. My students read at a 4th/5th grade level. They can't cope in a regular English class and they will get lost. I can just hope for my babies to survive long enough for the pendulum to swing back. Because it will, it always does.  Nothing in education is really new, it just gets introduced with new titles.
Well, I better go to the meeting and get my last signatures on my clearance sheet. Then I will be cleaning the rest of the day.
Have a wonderful day!!

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