Saturday, June 19, 2010

Loving Summer Break

I am loving summer break, but we are already planning for Christmas Break. We are planning to go back to California again for Christmas because Gerry's mom is in declining health. It is hard for Gerry to be so far away but he says that their relationship is better than it was when he lived in Elk Grove. We have thought of moving to CA but the economy would make it impossible. The cost of living is so much higher than it is here in San Antonio. Teaching in CA is also less stable than here in TX. We have been teaching for 13 years (Gerry) and 10 years (me) in our school district which means that we don't have to worry about layoffs or cutbacks. We are in the middle of the salary scale and have contributed to retirement for 13 years in Texas. Texas has its own retirement state fund for teachers, and we are not sure how it would transfer financially to CA. We would probably loose a lot. We both have about 15 years or so before we are eligible to retire. If I retire at the first opportunity, I would only be 55. I doubt that I will retire before 60 just because I like being active. Summer is enough lazying around for me.
Yesterday's prompt on Your Life Spelled Out was about the effect of technology in your life. I know that I really adore my iPhone. I am fond of saying "there's an app for that". I have really started enjoying reading books on my phone. I am going to get an ereader this summer. I am trying to decide between the kindle or the nook. I have played with a nook so it is in the front right now. I would really like to try out a kindle. Target is selling them in Florida now and is expected to have them in all of their stores soon. There is also rumors that there is a Kindle 3 in the works and a Nook Lite. But the big thing going on now is an offer for a $50 gift card with purchase of a nook. If I do that, I have to get my nook before the end of the month. ::sigh:: So many decisions!
We picked up a swing for Robby at a yard sale yesterday and he is loving it. His momma loves it too. Kelsey has been tied to him for a bit and she likes being able to do things without holding the baby all the time. We also got an exersaucer for when he is a bit older. He is a bit young for it now.
Lola has been having some stomach problems. I am worried about the pooch. I may take her to the vet. She is eating something she shouldn't but I don't have a clue where she is getting it. Daisy is chewing her nails again. That dog is so neurotic! Gerry went fishing today with a friend and she had a cow when the unknown person was in the house. She had met Patrick before but she was not thrilled with him in the house in the middle of the night. She is a good watch dog, no one could ever sneak into the house with that dog! My 2 labs really could care less until the person attempted to get their food.

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