Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Revisiting Toxic Relationships

Today's prompt at Your Life Spelled Out is revisiting Toxic Relationships. And it comes at a good time, because my toxic relationship person is trying to revisit me! My problem is that the toxic person won't leave us alone. She is trying to sneak back into my life through other family members. She tries to tell anyone that will listen that I am just being mean. I am ungrateful and horrid.
I can't have this woman in my life. She damages my relationships with my children, she damages my self-esteem, and she never has a nice word to say about any one! She even critized my grandson - a 3 month old baby!! (Her great-grandson.) She doesn't critize her child. Even though he is supposedly homeschooling his 10 year old son. I say supposedly because the poor child is being taught by his mother who has a sixth grade education who will just throw a worksheet at him occasionly. This poor boy is told that "he isn't funny; he is just strange" so many times that he repeats it to others! They are having their 3rd child. I must say that finally the man has a job but it isn't going to last. The man has had easily 5 jobs in 5 years and major stints of unemployment because he thinks he is smarter than the rest of the world. Oh, and he told my daughter that her newborn son had jaundice because he was fed too much sweet potatoes. Duh? Newborn jaundice is cause by an immature liver, moron!

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