Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Family's top Christmas movies

Christmas isn't Christmas without watching The Christmas Story. My favorite part of the movie is when the little boy licks the metal pole. This movie has been around for 25 years. I love watching on Christmas Day on TNT. It is an awesome movie. I have even used the phrase "you will shoot your eye out" when Tim says that he wants a bbgun.

The Family Stone is a good movie. I think Gerry likes it more than I do. It was on HBO for a while and I think he watched it like a hundred times. I like that the two sisters were able to get the perfect brother for each of them.

I am not sure if anyone else thinks of this as a Christmas movie, but it is set at Christmas time or in December. I love this hilarious movie. John Candy was a comic genius.

The best holiday movie is always Home Alone. I so love this show. I think it is a great physical comedy movie.

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