Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Fishing Fun

Gerry took Holly and Tim fishing this evening. Tim was a bit disappointed that he couldn't use his new pole for crappie fishing. (He got a bait caster rod.) They are using live bait, so the poor boy had to leave his new tackle box at home too. :) Holly is such an outdoor girl. I am so proud of her. She doesn't mind getting dirty.
<--This is a picture of Daisy meeting Annie (Gerry's parents' dog). Annie never warmed up to Daisy. Daisy tried so very hard to get Annie to like her and play with her. :) My Daisy is sick today. She has runny green poop. I think it is from her medicine. She has Demodectic Mange and is on Ivermectin. We are on day 10 of her treatment. She is not feeling well. Right now she is sacked out in my lap. She is such an ugly dog that she is cute. She is part dachshund and part Chihuahua. She is about 16 pounds right now. When we got her, she was only 5 pounds. She is such a trip. We also have Lola, our black lab. Lola is not a hyper lab, which is so very strange for me. All of our labs have been hyper. Lola is so laid back. My husband's dad just couldn't get over her. He wanted to take her home with him. She has the basic commands down and is house trained. She is outdoor/indoor, while Daisy spends most of her time inside. My fence wouldn't hold Daisy. She could get out really easy of that fence.
Holly and Tim got new cell phones for Christmas. Both of their old phones were dying -- the keys were actually breaking. Gerry broke his blackberry screen on Saturday. He was so upset with himself. I have a razor which I love. I doubt I will move on to a different phone for a while. It is actually my second razor.
I am keeping a food diary to watch my intake. I would like to get down to 135. I am at 156 now. It is less than what I started at 2 years ago, I was 170 in December 06. Studies say that people are more successful at losing weight if they keep a food journal. I tried weight watchers but I haven't really done it faithfully. We will see what happens.

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