Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Letter

I am mailing my Christmas cards today and I thought I would post my Christmas letter for all to read. :)

2008 Annual Winter Family Christmas Quiz
This year has been quite exciting and fun for the Winter family and we would like to have ya’ll answer the family quiz. Remember your life lines: phone a friend at 210-696-2728 or if you need help!
1. The Winter family Zoo grew by 2, our two new pets are:
a. Cow named Elsie and a donkey
b. A Chi-weenie named Daisy and a black Lab named Lola
c. A shaved monkey and rat
Answer: B, We have a 5 month old dachshund Chihuahua mix and 9 month old lab. We still have 2 other dogs, Taffy and Bonkers. Bonkers is going to be 15 years old in March. He is one old dog.
2. Fisherman extraordinaire Gerry was able to:
a. Get a part-time job at Bass Pro Shop for the 40% discount on all items made by Bass Pro.
b. Teach regular chemistry, honors chemistry, and advanced placement Chemistry 2
c. Teach Holly and Kelsey to drive without losing more hair
Answer: All three are correct. Mom doesn’t have the patience to teach the girls to drive. It is very scary!
3. Supermom Kim was able to:
a. Graduate from Our Lady of the Lake with a master of arts in special education
b. Host Prom 2008 and it was a huge success
c. Develop shingles for the month July
Answer: All three are correct. Kim graduated on 12/13/2008. Prom was great and everyone enjoyed it immensely. The stress of college, prom and Kelsey’s graduation helped Kim to develop a case of shingles. Shingles is the most painful condition and the cure is almost worse than the disease.
4. Kelsey was able to:
a. Graduate from high school
b. Get a part-time job at the bowling alley hosting birthday parties and as a cocktail waitress
c. Finish her first semester at community college
Answer: All three are correct. It has been a wild and fun year for Kelsey! Her major right now is Early Childhood Education K-4. She works well with kids and we all hope she enjoys this choice.
5. Holly was able to:
a. The band went to state with their show, Things that go Pop! The costume for the color guard was the ugliest yet! Supposedly they were to look like Cindy Lou Who but we never understood the connection.
b. Take two advanced placement classes that will give her credit for Freshman composition and US History in college.
c. Get her learner’s permit and almost her driver’s license (just a couple more months to go!).
Answer: All three are correct. She is the hardest working high school kid we know. She has a 96 gpa going into the second semester of her junior year. Mom is still not comfortable with her driving skills, but closing her eyes helps keep her from squealing to loudly.
6. Tim was able to:
a. Break his left arm and spend the summer in a cast.
b. Played free safety for the 7th grade B football team.
c. Survive another year in middle school.
Answer: All three are correct. We sometimes wonder if Tim will be able to make it through middle school. He is the defender of the underdog, and it constantly gets him in trouble. He grew a little this year and is now 5ft 1in and weighs 95 pounds.
This year has been such a momentous year. I can’t believe I made it through grad school. This last semester was the toughest, I took 9 hours. I haven’t been the best at keeping in touch and hope to be much better in the future. Gerry should finish his principal certification next fall and who knows where that will lead. Everyone thinks he would be a great academic dean because he understands the value of science and math. The kids keep growing and making me feel old. I will be 40 on January 17. I made my goal of finishing my masters degree with 35 days to spare.
We all hope this holiday season is happy and bright for ya’ll. Have a great New Year!
Kim, Gerry, Kelsey, Holly & Tim

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