Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is over, but I still want to celebrate...

Bass Pro Shop was so slammed yesterday that they called Gerry into work. He works today and Sunday also. He enjoys talking to everyone about fishing. He sold someone about $3000 worth of fishing rods and reels yesterday. He sure does have the gift of gab.
Gerry, Tim and I went out to dinner last night after we picked Gerry up from BPS. Tim is enjoying being an only child now that his sisters are growing up. Kelsey was working and Holly went over to a friend's house.
Tim spent his Christmas cash in buying his little Bakagan toys. He is 13, but he sure loves his toys. I don't think the girls held onto their toys as much as he has.
Kelsey went with Daniel as he got a tattoo. She isn't up yet, but I figure she got one too. Even though she is scared to death of needles, she would like to get a tattoo. Go figure. I think it is just defiance.
Holly is such a good kid, I don't have to worry about her. She is almost making straight As in some very tough classes. She is taking AP English, AP History, Pre-AP Physics, Pre-AP Latin, regular Pre-Calculus, Band and Health. Ok, the Band and Health aren't difficult. But I can't even imagine taking Pre-Calculus. Crazy, crazy schedule.
On another note, I am really missing my mom this season. She has been dead since 2001, it should get easier. But this season is really tough. I miss my mom.

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