Monday, February 15, 2010

Why do people expect you to sit still in inservices?

The irony is that this is a workshop about differentating instruction and using movement. And I have been sitting for three hours so far. Of course, when I noticed spelling mistakes in his PowerPoint I was totally turned off.
My iPhone is all that is keeping me sane. I have no idea how I'm survive this.
This afternoon we are going to work on our list of credit retrieval students.
We have been watching the Olympics this weekend. Apollo Ono was great this weekend in the short track. I love watching the games. Olsen is on the bobsled team. Many people know he is from San Antonio, but he also went to O'Connor HS. He was a tight end on the football team. And of course Gerry knew him. We will definately be watching bobsled this year.
The kids are home enjoying the day off. Tim is enjoying having my friend's kids over. Holly is babysitting the boys.
Kelsey is getting really big, bless her heart. She is starting her 32nd week. We are getting her hospital bags ready. We have child birth classes on the 27th. The time is getting closer.
We are going to have a baby in the house again soon. I am nervous about the addition but we are going to make it. We will get Kelsey through college. It is going to be hard but she will get through
Holly is excited about next weekend. It is an overnight at IWU with the honor's program. She is pretty much decided on Incarnate Word for college. She is planning on majoring in biology with the idea of going to med school.
Tim starts high school next year. We are transferring him to O'Connor to be with Gerry. Gerry is also teaching Tim to play golf. Tim is really enjoying learning the game.

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