Thursday, February 04, 2010


I have had a tough time writing this week. Last night we went to the library dedication for my former principal, Larry Martin. He recently lost his battle with thyroid cancer. His visitation is Friday evening and funeral is Saturday. He was a great man and wonderful leader.

Another sad thing is the news. Tuesday night the news was full of a woman who had stabbed and killed her two boys (ages 3 & 1). This senseless loss of life is so distressing for me. I just can't understand it.

The situation in Hati is not improving. People still do not have food and shelter.

The weather hasn't helped. It has been cold and rainy for the last week.

The only good thing has been Girl Scout cookies. I adore thin mints. There goes my diet....

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WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

All of last year was rough for me, but we survived. It's okay to feel sad because you miss your friend, Larry Martin ...but you need to let yourself feel the joy of having known such a wonderful person.

The news channels always stumble all over themselves to report the bizarre and the tragic in their communities ...if only they would devote some small segment of their time to the GOOD and the GREAT things that happen every day all around us. Maybe the morale would be better in this country.

Haiti will take years to recover from this disaster. It is sad to see the prolonged suffering of so many, but it's heartening to see the efforts the rest of the world is putting forth to help.

It's cold, wet and cloudy here too ...same predicted for next week. Six months ago, we were having a 10 heat wave of triple digit temperatures and a drought that put us 18 behind for our annual rainfall. We swore if it ever rained again, we would NOT cuss the rain! Well, in November, we got our 18 inches ...all in a 10 day period and it's been a pretty icky winter ever since. We are still determined NOT to cuss the rain. : )

Girl Scout cookies are always good for what ails you. Samoas (now Caramel Crunch or some silly name) are my personal favorite. So far, I have abstained. So far. ; )