Thursday, February 18, 2010

How white trash is this?

The problem person who is always stirring the pot is trying to do it again. Yes, believe it. The funniest part though is that my girls are now seeing through it. And making fun of it. Seems she called today to share "great news" about her perfect son. Seems his wife is pregnant which is interesting cause she had an IUD. So this is her third child. She doesn't work. Father lost his job many months ago. Mother has a sixth grade education and is homeschooling the children. Boy is 10 and can't read. Or do math. Or act normal. Sounds to me like they are going to be living in the living room of his parent's house, again. Well, my ex mil may hate me but I have a job and a home.
But of course she wasn't just calling to share the good news but try to cause trouble. She starts telling Kels how her parents are trying to run her life and to stand up to us. Kels just told us about it and we all made fun of her and her whole white trash family. She also is the one who wants to take Kels in her ninth month to a concert. Also she suggested they go camping while in the ninth month. Or the great advice that anything that we say is wrong and evil. She is about to be totally knocked out of our lives by her own behavior. But then again, she isn't the brightest. She was at one time owned by a member of a gang and has been married as much as Liz Talor (but her exes aren't as high class). Sorry to be so negative but I just have to vent.

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