Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OMGosh! I have 3 pages of Apps on my iPhone

Let me just say that the iPhone is the best thing to happen to phones. I just love my phone. Some people probably think it is wrong to be this attached to a phone, but it can do so much.
I have a google reader app so that I can read all the blogs I follow without having to be attached to my computer. I thought google reader was cool on the computer because it puts all the blogs in the same place. But the app on my phone is easier for me to comment on the blogs. The only problem is if someone has their blog print in white, I can't really read it. You know white on white just doesn't work. Journal revolution just has to be shared with others also. Check that one out. I have their book with the forward from Rosie O'Donnell. Great book, btw!
I have facebook of course. I can't be too far from my peeps. Some of the things y'all say!
I have Bejewelled 2 which is the most addictive game ever! I play it so much that I can't play with a mouse anymore.
I also have TMZ app. Gotta know what star has been arrested or is in rehab.
I also have Blogwriter which will update your blog from your phone. I can type really fast with the touch screen. It works for all blog providers.
I just started playing words with friends free (user name winter 41 if you want to play) which is basically a scrabble game. I am not very good at this and everyone gets tired of beating me by 100 to 200 points, but it is fun.
The only thing I do want to do is get a kindle. I love kindle for iPhone but the screen is so small and I read too fast. Gerry is going to help me with getting the kindle. He is giving me his first $100 in gift cards from our Virgin Health Miles. That is another thing I love, my pedometer, but that is for another post.

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