Saturday, November 21, 2009

The weekend is here and it is a long one….

I am so happy for the Thanksgiving break week. My new buddy, Wendi K, supplied me with some fun papers and stamps to play with this week. I am going to get the baby's scrapbook going with all the fun papers I picked up yesterday. The album should be done and just waiting for the pictures by the end of the week. I have 3 scrapbook classes next month which I am really excited about. I am doing Ali Edward's December Daily, Shimelle's Journal you Christmas and on BPS, I am doing Reclaiming Your Time. I am looking forward to the fun classes. Wendi also is going to have a class for me on a calendar for my desk. I am very excited.

I have to go grocery shopping shortly, I am just trying to get motivated to move. I am not very excited about hitting the grocery store this morning. I hate the crowds.

I am really getting myself organized this year. Part of the Blogging for Scrapbookers class was being able to write about the memories that go with the photos so that you don't forget the best parts of the memory. I am also using something that is going to help with remembering the great moments. It is called Log you Memory and it is a calendar that I use to record things that are important to me. I am really excited about 2010 and being organized before this year starts. So much is going to be happening: the baby will be born in April, Holly graduates in June, Holly goes away to college in August and Tim starts high school. I am also talking Tim into going back to karate and finishing his training to get his black belt. He was about to test for his brown belt when he started football last year. There are so many accomplishments next year, and I don't want to miss one.







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Christy said...

Hi! First time visiting your blog from Shimelle's class. Sounds like you've got a lot going on. Hope your son's bite is healing well. You did the right thing by reporting that dog! Congratulations on your new grandbaby! How exciting! Really enjoyed reading your blog. Will keep checking in with you to enjoy the process of grandmotherhood with you! :)