Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's noon and I need a shower still

What a lazy Sunday today is. I did manage to start my novel for NaNoMoWri. But I am procrastinating a great deal on it. I have got to get in the mood for writing. I also have paper work to finish for tomorrow. I have two meetings and I really haven't started on the paperwork.

I am starting on a class at on blogging and scrapbooking. I really enjoy her classes. Her ideas are so cool. I did manage to finish a small scrapbook last week. I promised it to my cousin Karen. I just want to take some photos of it first. I really think it turned out well.

I have to go to the grocery and pick up all the prescriptions that I got on Friday. All the blood test results will be back on Monday. The biopsy and mamagram will be back later. My obgyn wants me to take the birthcontrol continously to lighten my time of the month. She really doesn't want to go the route of removing anything.

Daisy is still traumatized from her day at the groomers yesterday. My time at the groomers went well, I got my nails and toes done. I am going to go clean up and get ready for my day. I made brunch for the family, so I haven't had a totally wasted day....


Meg said...

I love lazy days, don't get near enough of them! Looking forward to getting to know you through Shimelle's class!

Heather said...

Lazy days are good for the soul! Hello from Shim's class *waves*