Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What an adventure

Today, I woke up to a small crisis. But really not sure if I actually woke. I didn't get much sleep. Last night, the boy had problems sleeping. So about 3am, he came and slept on the floor in our room. He kept hearing a ticking sound and a blue glowing light. Seems, Uncle Jim has a small robot that glows blue at night. He is taller than me now but he still is just a kid. Yesterday he had so much fun playing with his cousins. The girls just adore him. Just like Robby does. Seems that Tim's charm works on all small children.
After the boy woke us up, I was kept up by the dog. My dog was scratching again. I think she may be getting other food than the hypo-allergic (Sp?) stuff I paid $40 for. Or it could be the stress of hanging out with two other dogs. They are very close dogs and my Daisy thinks she is human. So, she prefers her humans to the other dogs.

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