Friday, December 03, 2010

Call for Donations & Speakers

Some of you know that I teach at a very inner city school. We are a title one school which means that over 40% of our students receive free lunch. I work with a group of ladies who have started a club for young ladies called Grace. It stands for girls reaching for academics, confidence and excellence. We have a conference each spring. This year, our theme is "College We Can; College We Will."
For centerpieces, I would love to use those souvenir megaphones that you can get at college bookstores. They are about 7 to 8 inches tall. They have the college name and or mascot on them. If you would like to donate a megaphone to my club I would really appreciate it. Just send me a message on my blog or facebook if you could donate one from a college in your area. We have a drawing for the girls to get to keep the centerpieces and I know they will be so thrilled with the megaphones. I plan on picking up some during my Christmas break.
Also if you know of a professional woman who would be interested in speaking to my girls and are in the San Antonio area please let me know. I have one speaker who has committed already. I am so excited to have a former Jay HS graduate and the first female police captain in San Antonio as a speaker. I also tentatively have an Ob/Gyn who hopes to be able to speak. Her schedule is sometimes quite erratic. Babies have their own schedule.
Working with these young ladies is incredibly rewarding and I get so attached to my girls. I sometimes feel like I have about 50 little sisters/daughters that I get to see 5 days a week.
Many of these girls come from families who have never even considered college as an option and my mission is to inspire them to believe they can attend college.
Also pray for my conference to be successful and for me to have wisdom in the coming months.
Last year, I had such trouble of deciding on my word for the year and it seems one word is staring me right in the face. Wisdom will be my word for 2011!

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