Sunday, March 05, 2006

Missing Naomi

On February 19, an old friend went missing. Her daughter was in my daughter's girl scout troop (that I was the leader of). I was very close with all the girls, we had girl scouts for 3 years together. Now, the girls are all sophomores at the high school that I teach at. Our kids were in band and other classes since kindergarten.
She went missing from the downtown UTSA campus. It was a cold day, not many people were out. She disappeared between 2 and 6 that day. No one has seen her since. (More details
I can't imagine what could have happened, and I pray every night that she will be found alive. I can't imagine losing someone like that. The uncertainty of not knowing where or why would be worse than a death.
Selfishly I think how this has changed my life. I don't go anywhere without my husband after dark. If I do, I call several times during my outing to let him know where I am. There are still things that I do, but there are lots that I don't. I don't go to the gym by myself anymore. I don't go to Walmart by myself anymore. I don't think I live in a horribly crime ridden city, but now I don't know...

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kymmie said...

San Antonio really scares me sometimes. My niece is currently attending UTSA. She is just 19. She was cut off by someone at the mall parking lot who honked at yelled at her from his car. In the back seat, a man was waving a bat at her. I get scared for her. SHe lives in a complex on Medical Drive. It is gated but that did not stop a murder/intrusion in her complex in December. I do not go into San Antonio as much as I used to. I am going this weekend as it is Nicolle's birthday.