Thursday, March 23, 2006

I have got to relax...

I am overwhelmed today. I really don't want to be here. I am so nervous today. My pulse is going a thousand beats a minute. Okay, so that isn't really true, but it feels like it!!
Gerry is home with a sick boy. Tim is having fevers again. The doctor says that it is viral. I am concerned. He had the same thing about 6 weeks ago. How do you keep getting the same thing? The good news is that he gained 6 pounds. He was almost underweight at the end of January. We started not giving him his concerta on the weekends to hopefully increase his appetite. It seems to be working.
Today we are having an all day faculty meeting. That means that during my conference period I have to go watch a video on drug abuse. I think I may know a little about that. Seems all my students have at least tried some thing. I am just glad that Kelsey, Holly or Tim haven't done them. I hope that I am doing the right things to keep them safe and drug free.
I have way too many people depending on me. I am a special education case manager, and incredibly I do much more than just paperwork. I work with the different departments, teachers, counselors, and therapists to take care of 30 students. I am feeling overwhelmed.
One parent requested an ard, and after two attempts --> they haven't showed. I bust my butt getting things together, do the paperwork, get everyone to be there and it is a no show. I am just blown away! Why ask for a meeting if you aren't going to show up?
My son is in special education, and I have never been a no show to his ARD. If I can't make it, I reschedule. I am the one that requested testing in the first place because I thought something was wrong. The boy had a learning disablity. The ADHD also compounds things. I just know how important it is to be involved in your child's learning.
Naomi is still missing. Another woman who was kidnapped on February 13 was found a few weeks ago. I wonder if she will ever be found. I think she is dead. She wouldn't have run away from her family. It was too important for her to do that. She didn't leave willingly.

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