Thursday, November 18, 2010

One more day...

If you know me, you know that teachers are often more excited about the holidays that students. And that is so the case this week. Every year there is that one class that drives you nuts. Or something has changed in your environment. Or you are just getting older.
I don't know the reason this year but I am very ready for the holiday break. I really love my students, but I need a break from the grind. Maybe I am feeling this way because I have been so sick lately. I don't know. I really want to get out of this funk I am in.
Today is the Culinary Class's luncheon. I am finally broke down and bought a ticket. Two of my students are in the class and they are really excited that I will be there. One is quite the accomplished chef and I see him going to the Culinary Institute. If he can get the scholarships. But I play to help him with applying for those next year!
I am trying to get back in the cooking mode, and last night I made a simple mac and cheese recipe. Tonight will probably be spaggetti, but I just use Prego. I tried for a while to make my own sauce but I really didn't think it was any good. My mother would have added sugar to my recipe, but I hope to be a bit healthier than that. And my family would probably prefer hot sauce anyway. I did find a shrimp and beer dip recipe on Its secret ingredient is Shiner Bock Beer.
Please keep Kelsey in your prayers today, she is very sick with a cold. She is having a really rough time with it and the timing. She had a test last night that she got her teacher to email her and a presentation on Tuesday night. Next semester she is taking Chemistry and Anatomy & Phys. She has about 20 hrs to go before she transfers to the Health Science Center.
Holly has also registered for the Spring Semester. She changed her major from pre-Med to English. She wants to teach English at the college level. That is going to be a hard one.
Did I mention that I am a provisional editor over at Rebel Tales? Rebel Tales is a new Ezine with fresh fiction - including paranormal, sci fi, fantasy and suspense. I am really excited to be working with these exciting authors and editors. We are hoping for a March/April release. If you write - check them out. Holly Lisle is the publisher and I am sure you have read one of her books. They are really good.
Last night I finished book 5 of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Wow, what a great book. I fear that it may be the last book of the series, it really ended well. But maybe there are a couple of strings not tied up. I can only hope for another one.
I am not going to make my goal for reading 144 books this year. I think I will be about 20 or so short. I have read 115 as of today. But, hey, maybe next year.
The jury is still out on the haircut. I can't seem to get it to look like Laura made it look. It has flippy ends that are just going crazy.

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