Thursday, October 14, 2010

Almost Friday

This week has felt like a week and a half. Monday started out with a training which really wasn't designed for high school teachers. It was research- based but somewhat flawed due to the fact it was based on Bloom's Taxonmy which isn't research based. I know that I think too much. ::sigh::
I am looking forward to watching the boy play football tomorrow. His school is playing my school. My loyalty is divided a bit.
I taught some adjectives for the short time I had my kids in class. We decorated some cards and described ourselves. We are going to display them in those clear over the door shoe organizer. My kids just live art projects that I sneak grammar in.
It is supposed to be the coldest evening of the season with a low of 47. My quilt top is half done. Maybe I will finish it before it gets to cold.

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