Sunday, October 10, 2010


What did you do on 10-10-10?
We bought a new mattress set. We had thought we were going to get a king size but then decided not to spend that much. We would have to get new bed linens and quilts. I am still going to need a few new linens but not too many.
I watched a bit of Tony Danza as an English teacher. I know I am much better than he is as an English teacher in a rough school. He really would cry in my class. Heck, sometimes I cry because of my 8th. Just sayin....
My goal is to finish my quilt before November. I am going to attempt the circle quilt with reproduction 1930's flour sack prints. I already have one quilt made of the retro prints but puppy chewed a bit of a hole in it.
Speaking of puppy: Daisy had a good report from the vet. She is a tad heavier than the doc would like but ok. She isn't as heavy as my in-laws Annie though! That poor dog weighs more than Daisy and Daisy is about 2 inches taller and 3 inches longer. No tarter on her teeth! The one thing I am excited about is the new 6 month heart worm shot. Much more convient than the monthly pill. I always forget it.
Gerry took me out to Salslito's for dinner. I had the Steak Ranchero with borraco (sp?) beans and rice. And a huge margarita. Gerry was my designated driver and I stopped at one!
I got my bedside table cleaned today. Now only 12 pieces of furniture left before my room is ready for the new bed. I have to go through a lot of clothes. I have to give up the dream of being a size 8. It just isn't happening! Size 10 isn't so bad!!
Have a beautiful week!!

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