Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Jury Duty

Jury duty is one of the tasks of a responsible citzen. We all need to do it. But it is so boring. I am down at the courthouse today doing my civic duty. I have a sub for my classes. I bet they miss me! Tomorrow when I get back, I have to spend half the day in training. That is going to be more boring than this.
Next week is Spring Break. Holly is getting her wisdom teeth removed. Kelsey will start weekly doctor appointments next week also. She is 35 weeks now. Soon we will have a new baby in our house. I need to make some emergancy sub plans for the exciting event. We should have our workbooks by then and I won't need to make the countless copies. I have loved the new books and now having consumable workbooks is going to be great. The next story is about Magic Johnson, how cool is that?

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