Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Journalling Prompts

I am following a blog here on Blogger called Your Life Spelled Out. It has some really good prompts if you are interested in going along. I have been completing most of my prompts in my comp book, but I am thinking of adding them to my blog.

Today's prompt is to write about something you are passionate about. The subject that I am most passionate about is autism. I have a masters degree in Autism from Our Lady of the Lake University, so you could say that I am interested in the subject. At work, more and more students with autism are getting on my case load or are in my classes. I am also a parent/home trainer for the school district in the evenings.

The really scary thing about autism is new research into the prevelance. When I graduated last year the number was 1 in 144. New numbers came out in December with some stats as 1 in 100. I also heard that it is 1 in 84 boys. I am not sure of the accuracy of these numbers, I am waiting for more collaboration on the subject. But it is thought provoking.


JO SOWERBY said...

hi kim from snowy somerset, uk. thank you so much for following my blog it always makes me smile when i think of other people visiting me on the internet. i love your blog so have reciprocated. thanx for the info on the journalling prompt blog, i have linked to that too as it seems a useful blog to read.
jo xxx

humel said...

Thanks for the link - that does sound interesting. One of the other bloggers I follow does a lot of art journaling and has inspired me to have a go. I'm thinking i could maybe combine the two ideas, so thanks for the recommendation x