Thursday, December 17, 2009

my to do list is getting longer & Christmas Letter

I am getting a bit overwhelmed with what I need to do for Christmas. The boy wants a target gift card, and so does Dot #2. Dot #1 wants a digital camera to take pictures of the baby. I got presents for most of the extended family at Bass Pro last night. Tonight I have to finish the last of the packing and be ready to go. Kelsey is going to be alone for a while, but her buddies plan on visiting a bit.

And here is the 2009 Christmas Letter

Top Ten Reasons We Didn’t Send Out a Christmas Letter this Year….

10) Kim has a longer commute to work now that she is teaching at Jay High School. But don’t think it is a bad thing; she only teaches four classes and has a classroom in the building.

9) Gerry misses Kim a lot now that she isn’t at O’Connor and can’t make copies for him or bring him lunch!

8) Tim broke his arm, again. Actually, he was very diplomatic about it. He broke the right in July and the left in September. Eighth grade football season was spent on the sidelines.

7) Holly is taking 4 Advanced Placement Courses (English, Economics/
Government, Chemistry 2, and Art History).

6) Gerry is teaching Holly Chemistry 2. She tried to get the whole class to call him Dad, but they compromised by calling him “Sir”.

5) Holly scored really well on the SAT and is applying to several colleges.
She is graduating number 21 in her class. She is being offered numerous
scholarships and Incarnate Word University and Texas Tech are the
top 2 college choices right now.

4) Kelsey moved out, and moved back home.

3) Gerry joined a new fishing club (he won $300 in September!).

2) Bonkers passed away at the mature age of 15 (105 in human

And the number 1 reason we didn’t send out a Christmas
Letter this year is…

Gerry & Kim are going to be Grandparents.
Kelsey is expecting a baby boy in April!

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