Monday, December 14, 2009

4 days left till Break!

Boy, I am looking forward to the Winter Break. My classes are all taking a benchmark from Monday to Wednesday, then we are going to watch a video to relax after the benchmark. My students will be incredibly bouncy by the end of the week.

Kelsey had a dr appt today. It is her 6 month visit. She is still just going once a month. The ultrasound showed the baby was right on schedule for April 11. I am getting excited. We are going to plan the baby shower for the week of Spring Break.

I hit level 5 with my virginhealthmiles!!! yeah! That means $100 gift card for Best Buy. I am going to use it to buy my I Phone on the 22nd. (My contract renewal date is 12/22.) Kelsey is eligible for an upgrade on 12/28. She wants a touch screen phone but isn't going to get the IPhone.

We are getting ready to make a run for the west coast.

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humel said...

End of term is in sight for us too - can't wait!! The kids so need a break, not to mention the teachers!!