Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Testing Madness

Next week, the state of Texas will be testing 10th & 11th graders in Science, Math & Social Studies. In May, the 9th graders will be taking the End of Course Exam. Also in May, seniors will be taking AP exams. The testing countdown has begun and with only 29 school days left, we will be testing almost everyday until the end.
My students have enjoyed the more difficult curriculum. We have read To Kill a Mockingbird, The Odyssey & Romeo and Juliet. I think the Odyssey was the hardest story & many didn't understand it. I think that by exposing them at least to the material they will learn a bit more of the classics. Next year, in addition to these stories, I will be teaching Julius Ceasar, Antigone & John Steinbeck.
I also may have a couple of English classes in ALE but that is still up in the air. I am still worrying about my kids & the End of Course Exam but we may make it through. I just have to keep working on their writing skills. That is going to help us pass.
In other news, Robby is now two & his vocabulary is growing by leaps & bounds.

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