Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some of my favorites:

This year I have an incredible favorite to add too my life. My grandson Robby (who will turn one on Friday). He is such a blessing to our lives.
A second favorite are my children. All three of them are growing up into wonderful adults. All three are so bright and curious.
My third favorite person in my life is my husband. He puts up with so much with me.
My favorite people numbers 6-86 are my students. I love all them for the bright stars they are.
My puppy is also one of my favorites. My children swear that my chi-weenie is higher on the list. She snuggles with me and doesn't talk back to me. She also listens to me when no one else does!
As for favorite things, I really adore my iPhone. It is so very cool. It is a close call with my nook! My ereader is so incredible! I love being able to carry entire library around with me.
My favorite computer application is google reader. I love reading everyones' blogs even when my reader says I have 700 to read. Lol, enough from me. Time to get reading!

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