Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

On the 4th, Gerry and I went to the San Antonio Rodeo. There is a secretary at Gerry's school that has very good tickets to the rodeo. She is a member of the Rodeo Association and has to buy the whole rodeo season. So, she sells the tickets she doesn't need. We got to go see Toby Keith! We know people who have closer seats but these are great because they are over the chutes. Great view of the action! This concert was my birthday present this year.
Another exciting thing happened on 2/4 - it snowed! Insane! Hilariously, today it was 70 degrees. We have another winter storm coming on Tuesday or Wednesday with freezing rain. So we may have another snow day next week.
For Super Bowl Sunday,I created for lunch a buffet of snacking foods for the family to graze on. I make crescent dogs with cheese, queso, mini hot dogs in bbq sauce and of course guacamole. Not sure if we are going to actually eat any dinner because we are still munching. I know the kids look forward to the buffet more than the game.
Robby has his third ear infection. I think that this infection might be still the second one. I don't think the antibiotics did their job. He has a very high fever (102 for most of the day). He has new antibiotics and some ear drops. Please send a little prayer for the bubba!
Starting this week, I will have 2 student observers from UTSA. They will both be there tomorrow. I am going to show off my promethean board and activexpressions. We are going to have a bit of technology going on!

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