Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally Friday

Had a wild week. I think the full moon may have had an influence.
Tomorrow I have little Robby for most of the day while Kelsey is at school. Gerry is going crappie fishing tomorrow evening.
Next Friday, Robby will be 11 months old. Got to start planning his bday party. Where, oh, where should we have it? I was thinking maybe Chuck E Cheese but not sure if they have forgotten our last party there... We were banned for a bit because of Tim racking the rat. Yeah, it was quite a hit. Unfortunately I missed that photo. That would have been a great scrapbook layout!
I have two great practicum students this semester. One observes me on Monday & Wednesday while the other is all day Thursday. I can really see the type of teacher they will be. I am excited to help them. I am going to look for some lesson suggestions for them after I am done with my TAKS Blitz. We have written two essays in two weeks. Very ambitious for my guys. Next week we are working on homophones. It will be a good break after working so hard. This summer my curriculum is changing yet again! Next year, my freshmen will have to pass the English 1 EOC exam. I will teach a modified version of the regular English 1. I hope we can do it! The math people have been working hard on getting our kids up on Algebra & Geometry. It is very tough. It is really a challenge.
Kelsey is doing well in her science classes. She has As in both classes and the labs.
New favorite show - Being Human on ScyFy. It is an American version of a British show. They are monster trying to act human. I love it!

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