Friday, April 16, 2010

The Vintage Pearl: it's friday! { a giveaway! }

The Vintage Pearl: it's friday! { a giveaway! }
I follow this wonderful blog by the owner/designer of the Vintage Pearl. She creates wonderful custom charms. I just love it. Well, today's giveaway contest is to talk about the mothers in your life.
I am always conflicted about Mother's Day. It always reminds me that my mother is gone. She passed away on December 21, 2001. I miss her every day. There is so much that I wish I could say to her and I wish she could experience. My relationship with my mother was very complicated. She suffered from Bipolar disorder and serious back pain. She wasn't diagnosised until her late 30s and that is when she really had difficulties. I will always remember when she tried to overdose and I had to drive her to the emergancy room because my dad thought she was over reacting. She tried to kill herself over 20 times from when I was 16 to 26. Then she was severely injured in one of many car accidents and the pain pills took over. When my mother was depressed it was like a black cloud hung over her. She couldn't be interested in anything. When she was manic, it was all fun and games until she wrecked a car. One car accident was so spectacular that it made the evening news and I could tell it was her by her shoes. She split her Mustang in half with a fire hydrant. The water gushing into the air really did look good on camera. But for all the drama, she was my mother, I loved her and I miss her.
This year is exciting for me because it will be my daughter's first Mother's Day. This journey for her has been very difficult. First, the father denied that the baby was his. He hasn't supported this child at all. Then the morning sickness began and she was sick for 5 months. And then, she developed toxemia and the baby had to be induced. That was scary! Now we have an adorable grandson and I just hope everything can calm down. I would like to make this a good Mother's Day for her. I am thinking a charm from Vintage Pearl might help..... ;)

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WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

I think a charm is a wonderful first Mother's Day gift for Kelsey. I hope she and Robbie are doing well. If she wants to pursue a child support case, she can do so at no cost to her through the Attorney General's Office. If you need particulars, email me.