Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tim has such a deep soul

Just had a sweet talk with my son. He is very upset about a friend of his who killed herself. Her name was Amanda and she was a freshman at another school. (the school he was supposed to go to but instead got a transfer to his Dad's high school.) He was thinking of his friend, Jesse, who was closer to the girl. Tim is only 15 & this is his third friend to die in two years. Last summer, he lost his best friend Micah. Then, his friend Kira passed away from cancer. She was such a doll and she just adored Tim. She was so in love with him.
He said Amanda had issues but he still didn't think she should have hurt herself. He thinks she might have been abused. It is so sad what kids have to face these days. Please say a prayer for the girl's soul and for peace for Tim's heart.

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