Monday, April 17, 2006

Gerry flew to CA

Gerry went to California this morning. His brother Greg was in an accident with a quad runner. He was driving on the dunes at Pesmo Beach when he went up one dune that had the back side washed away -- leaving a 70 ft cliff. He broke his pelvis in 2 places, broke his shoulder and has at least 5 broken vertabraes. It will take from 5 months to a year for rehabilitation. His surgery to repair his pelvis started at noon California time, and will take 8 hours. I am glad that Gerry will be there with his family. They will be comforted by his presence. His mother was very glad to have Gerry there. She just needs her kids around. I think it is a mom thing with her boys.
I was surfing, and stumbled across Angie Pederson's Blog of Me and she was talking about being a mother to boys. It really is very different with a boy. My girls never thought of eating personal care products. If it wasn't for Tim, I would never know that lotion can be a great laxative. Or that you can't steer rubbermaid buckets as you go down the stairs. Go figure! I should have know that when he managed to eat a scorpion at 8 months I was in serious trouble.
I did tell Gerry that if I woke up in the hospital with all my brothers around me --> I would look at Gerry and ask if I was dying. I see my brother and I know that I am history.
I hope my kids are as close as Gerry & his siblings. While we live several hundred miles away, they still are there for each other in the roughest of times.
I am counting the days until the 27th. We are getting close to the bottom of the barrel. I just keep praying that we will get to the end of the month before we get to the end of the money. Next month will be better. I just have to remember that. Gerry's truck will be paid for at the end of May, and that will give us $500 more in the mix.

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